The Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology is an Egyptian private educational institute established in 1997 with five years of study in English. Cairo University is developing the study regulations and participating in teaching and supervision of the educational process under an agreement signed on 12/10/1997. The Institute is under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education under Decree No. 925 for the year 2000. .

The Institute is awarded a bachelor's degree in engineering accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and an equivalent from the Supreme Council of Universities in one of the following disciplines (aeronautical engineering, electronic engineering and electrical communications department, electrical engineering and electrical engineering department, mechanical engineering department, civil engineering, architecture)

Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology aspires to achieve leadership and excellence and to occupy a prominent position locally and regionally in teaching, learning, scientific research and community service in the field of aviation engineering and technology

Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology seeks to prepare qualified and skilled graduates who are capable of competing locally and regionally, keeping abreast of the scientific and technological developments and the needs of the labor market, developing the scientific research system and serving society in a framework of values ​​and ethics.

The Institute seeks to achieve three main goals: Raise the efficiency of the educational and research process in the Institute
Upgrading the institutional capacity of the Institute
Community development and work to achieve community satisfaction

Institute of Aviation Engineering and Engineering (IAET) since its inception has stood as a very strong pillar to the industrial establishments in the Egypt and all over the world by providing them the highly skilled and efficient graduates in Aviation, electrical, mechanical, civil and Architectural engineering and it continues to hold a very prominent position even today in its relevant areas.

I take this opportunity to congratulate our Alumni, who with their talents and skills had already faced various challenges successfully at their workplaces and continue to strive hard to achieve more. While congratulating those who have secured admission now at IAET, I also welcome the students who wishes to join our institute to fulfill their career dreams and to equip themselves to become part in the development of the engineering field.

Our aim is to serve as a center of knowledge and to be part of the global education community to prepare students for success in the real world. Over the past two years, our programs have been developed to include the latest courses that meet the multi-stakeholder requirements while adhering to international standards.

I am excited to be a part of a great team and looking forward to establishing our name as one of the best institutes in the region, and has a major role in the nation-building tasks.

I ask our students to make an effort in their scientific and practical achievement. Research, able to compete in the renewable labor market. It helps in preparing you to take responsibility for the advancement of your great nation Egypt and your community and your family and yourselves.

We ask God to fulfill our hopes for you and your hopes and the hopes of your family and your community. I wish everyone more excellence and grace.


Prof. Abdel kader Abdel Karim Ibrahim

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