Admission Rules


Students are nominated to Institute through the Office of the Coordination of admissions for universities. Regarding to annual number that ministry has approved for admission to the institute if not another decree issued by the minister of higher education.


It is required for admission in the institute: To have the high school certificate (Mathematics Department) or which it's equivalent of Arab and foreign high school as long as achieving the minimum grades which office of the coordination has approved.

1. After passing the medical examination and free from infectious diseases and the ability to follow up studying

2. According to High Council for institutes rulings

3. To be a full time student.

4. To be reputed student.


Each student is given a private personal ID card which his photo printed on it. The ID has signed by Dean and has imprinted with an institute's seal. He must show it in every academic matter. it would not allow attending Lectures, labs and tests if he doesn't have his ID.


Every student has enrolled in the institute to prove his attendance according to Institute rulings.


The student mustn't enroll in other institute at the same time. It isn't permitted to enroll in an institute which isn't under supervision of the ministry or faculty. It isn't allowed to re-enroll the student in institute to have a certificate which he has it before. It must not be re-enrolled the student to get a certificate from another counterpart institute.


It may not be considered in the transfer of students enrolled in first year between the counterpart institutes unless the student has the minimum grades of the institute which he transfers to. The two deans have approved the transfer request. It's allowed to upgrade the transferred student to the higher academic year from first year at any college or from institute to another which it's not counterpart on condition he has the minimum degree that the student has the minimum grades of the institute which he transfer to in current year or the year which he has finished the high school with the approval of the two Deans of Institutes. In that case, the student has enrolled in the first academic year.


It may enroll and re-enroll student in these cases:

1- New student who has not completed enrolling procedures for acceptable excuse.

2- The enrolled student who takes his documents and he has an excuse.


The institute may suspend registration of the student for a year or more if he has an acceptable excuse that prevent him to attend lectures.


The institute sends lists of student names applying for the exam to specialized administration in ministry of higher education before at least one month of exam schedule.

There are some procedures that facilitate international students' educational process

The institute is accredited by the Federation of Arab Engineers

The study is conducted in Arabic and English

There are employees who can speak English

The institute is also accredited by the Federation of Arab Engineers, which may make it easier for students to find work.