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Dr. Muhammad Affan Zaidan

We all extend our sincere congratulations to Dr. Muhammad Affan Zaidan at the University of Michigan in the United States of America for obtaining (19) patents in the field of developing computer systems, memory, and microprocessor in the United States of America. He is also on his way to being among the 2% of the world's scientists in the field of computer development. Dr. Muhammad Affan, a graduate of the Institute in 2006, in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering - the first on the batch. He also worked at the institute as a teaching assistant, then moved to other universities such as King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, Michigan University in the United States of America, and Memory X Company in the United States of America.Congratulations to one of our honorable symbols for the graduates of the institute abroad, with our heartfelt wishes to his lordship for continued success and excellence.A model supervisor for graduates of the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Technology.

Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khalil

We all extend our sincere congratulations to one of the distinguished  Mechanical Power Engineering Department at the Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology of the Egyptian Academy of Aeronautics, Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khalil - Class of 2010 . This is for obtaining a Ph.D. in Chemical and Operations Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Montreal - Canada.- Dr. Mohamed Sharif worked as a teaching assistant and then an assistant teacher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Institute, before traveling on a scientific trip to complete postgraduate studies in Canada and obtain a doctorate degree from the University of Montreal.- He also received many awards in Canada and was honored by many research bodies in chemical treatments and recycling. He did many television interviews due to his contribution to scientific research and environmental conservation in Canada.

 Eng. Islam Emam

Eng. Islam Emam - Graduated from the Department of Power and Electrical Machines Engineering - Class of 2012 Operation and Maintenance Director of Karm Solar Group, responsible for the plant site and operations For the largest solar power plant in Wadi El-Natrun, with a capacity of 17 megawatts, and an investment volume of more than 250 million pounds.Good luck to our model supervisor M. Islam Imam with our prayers for his continued success and success




Eng.  Ahmed Abdelwahed

Shop Owner Builds Flight Simulator In Back Of Store | The Project

EzyMart owner Ahmed Abdelwahed is an Egyptian aviation electrical engineer who came to Australia in  2018. Unable to work as an engineer here, he built the simulator in the back of his shop to connect with his past and to give his customers something to enjoy.

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Eng. Ahmed Amer

The management of the Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology extends its warmest wishes and congratulations to Engineer Ahmed Amer, the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering - for obtaining a master’s degree in electronics and communications - Faculty of Engineering - Benha University - wishing him continued success and success in the near future.


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