The Department of Basic Basic Sciences is a supportive and essential department for the departments of the Institute. Its main importance lies in providing students with the aspects of scientific and linguistic knowledge that they acquire from basic science courses (mathematics - mechanics - physics - chemistry) to become competent and highly professional in their various specializations and in line with the materials and plans It is included in each specialization in the institute, and it is worth noting that the department does not award any academic degree

The department includes a number of faculty members in some specializations, which achieves diversity in teaching and research activities and serves the Institute’s strategy in the field of developing scientific research and study programs


The Department of Basic Sciences aspires to advance and excel in the fields of education, scientific research, and service the labor market through the mission it carries, which is to provide knowledge in its correct and developed form.


The mission of the Department of Basic Sciences revolves around the principle of the commitment of each member of the department to provide everything new in the scientific fields in an accurate and comprehensive manner, as well as to develop, exchange and discuss relevant ideas and visions in a rational manner so that this commitment is translatable on the ground as long as it becomes part of a personality, visions and trends Members.





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